Aquarium- Hoover Square

Aquarium- Hoover Square is an attempt to recreate an iconic Aquarium brand which is considered one of the most important cultural initiatives in this part of Europe, and which played a long and successful role in popularising jazz music. Apart from musical events with participation of music scene’s greatest stars, in Aquarium you will be able to experience everyday cultural activities aimed at whole families and people of all ages. Besides regular activities our visitors may also eat delicious breakfasts and lunches in Warsaw’s historical centre. It all comes at a sensible price, and this aspect is frequently forgotten in this part of city.

H. Hoover square is a great example of modern public space perfectly combined with strictly historical context. The axis of the square, located between Adam Mickiewicz and Saint Mary of Pasawa’s statues, is a part of monumental layout of Krakowskie Przedmieście. Historical context of the place is also visible in contrast with modern materials used for creating modern, ostere, fairly new objects such as the cafe pavilion, kiosk, public restroom, underground restaurant, and gallery. Precious old trees were preserved, together with newly planted bushes. ‘Water steps’ which enclose the square from the south are also a very special entertainment for the visitors, as well as located opposite wooden deck where you can comfortably relax.

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